About Us

sbv_grapes_siagSummertime in a Glass (SIAG) is an advocacy and information group that seeks to promote, educate and entertain wine enthusiasts and the industry itself on the world of Sauvignon Blanc. We strive to do so by being informative, yet never too serious or dogmatic. Wine is fun and social. Sauvignon Blanc is known as a great food wine but many styles also make for great “porch wines.” This all means that it is meant to be shared and enjoyed, not pontificated!

The goal of SIAG is to raise awareness of Sauvignon Blanc by serving as a gateway to information on numerous topics. For wine enthusiasts, we present helpful wine reviews, pairing ideas, serving and tasting tips, interesting stories, anecdotes and much more. The idea is to increase the enjoyment and appreciation of Sauvignon Blanc through knowledge and information. For the wine industry, we seek to build a community of those who grow, make, sell, and educate about the varietal. Here, the concept is to create an exchange of ideas, best practices, market trends and awareness in order to positively affect the production and sales of the varietal.

The concept of SIAG was conceived in the summer of 2011 stemming from an identified need to better inform on the many facets of Sauvignon Blanc. The organization came to fruition in late 2012, due in large part to a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture that is administered by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. The organization is in the process of becoming a non-profit corporation.

sb_food1_siagSIAG hosts tasting showcases, symposia and other events. Additionally, we engage in marketing activities designed to increase awareness and perceptions of Sauvignon Blanc to our two primary audiences – wine enthusiasts and wine industry members. Through traditional marketing means, our website, and our robust social media presence, SIAG serves as a one-stop-shop for information, ideas, and trends – both from sharing the best that the world of Sauvignon Blanc has to offer as well as generating unique content in-house. Much of this content comes from our dedicated network made up of industry professionals and dedicated fans. We strive to always be creative, informative and entertaining.

We hope you find our organization fun and useful. So, try some Sauvignon Blanc – it’s Summertime in a Glass – taste a little sunshine your wine!