Organizational Description

Concept –

An advocacy group that promotes the Sauvignon Blanc varietal in the winegrape and wine marketplaces.

Goal –

To increase the awareness of Sauvignon Blanc within the wine industry as well as with consumers. This will lead to an increase in sales of the varietal as a finished wine as well as winegrapes, bulk wine and bulk juice.

Format –

This advocacy group will be modeled on the numerous food and beverage product groups that currently exist and achieve success (e.g. Pork Board, Petite Sirah I Love You, Got Milk?, etc.)

  • Will achieve non-profit status in time (501(c)6)
  • Growers, marketing professionals, academics, agencies, wineries, winemakers, retailers, purveyors, wine media and consumers.
  • Membership structure based on participation, content, etc. including corporate sponsorship and individual (business) memberships. Concept proposed is a membership fee based on number of acres of sauvignon blanc (growers) and number of cases produced (wineries) with a cap and floor for each. Initial membership will be offered as “charter” at either a discount and/or extended membership period.

Activities –

  • Generate interest in the varietal through targeted activities (e.g. workshops, symposia, events with food pairings, competitions, etc.), marketing campaigns, media campaigns and more.
  • Bring various segments of Sauvignon Blanc community together — growers, wineries, purveyors, academic institutions and government agencies — to network, gather information and share ideas.
  • Educate consumers and wine industry on the varietal characteristics of Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Work to dispel flavor profile myths or misconceptions – e.g. that it is a “food only” wine, overly acidic, etc.
  • Provide content, data, education and training to industry on relevant topics such as winemaking, vineyard management, sales trends, marketing concepts, etc.
  • Seek to promote Sauvignon Blanc as a warm weather “porch wine.”
  • Promote “brand image,” as above, through use of media campaigns, displays, events, press releases, etc.
  • Promote Sauvignon Blanc as food-friendly in traditional and non-traditional circles – Mexican food, Asian food, etc.
  • Leverage “Summertime in a Glass” and “Taste Sunshine in Your Wine” themes
  • Form partnerships to acquire content (e.g. recipes, wine reviews, etc.)
  • Significant web, e-media and social media presence utilizing interesting/informative/fun content, multimedia, etc.
  • Traditional media campaigns and activities will also be executed.
  • Members, partners and collaborators will receive exposure through various mechanisms online, website, events, email campaigns, etc. drawing attention of consumers.
  • Seek grants and outside funding support in addition to membership and activity (e.g(e.g. events) fees. Currently funded by a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant.