For Potential Contributors

We are looking to expand our network of contributors for Summertime in a Glass. If you are interested in writing on topics or providing other relevant content, please let us know. We are looking for wine writers, bloggers, academics, growers, winemakers and sales and marketing individuals, as well as other fields of expertise, to contribute.

Currently, we have six primary topic areas – three each for consumers/enthusiasts and industry members. They are as follows:

Consumer –

  • Sauvignon Blanc Reviews
  • Sauvignon Blanc Food and Wine Pairings, Tasting, and Serving
  • Sauvignon Blanc News and Information (includes background information, historical pieces, geographic profiles, and other consumer-friendly related topics)


Industry –

  • Sauvignon Blanc Winemaking
  • Sauvignon Blanc Winegrowing
  • Sales, Marketing, Presentation, News and Information


Certainly, there is great potential for crossover among the categories. So, contributions need not be limited to one specific area. Moderators/Editors will post in appropriate areas. We do ask that each contribution at least fit easily or clearly into one primary category, however. All posts/contributions will be reviewed by SIAG staff prior to posting. We welcome wine reviews and ask that good journalistic integrity remain intact with all evaluations. A good track record and credibility in this area is highly desirable.

We do not necessarily expect that your sole interest in wine and the industry is dedicated to Sauvignon Blanc. However, some experience and affinity for the varietal is obviously needed. So, for example, if you are the owner of a wine blog, we welcome contributions that are Sauvignon Blanc-related when you happen to write them. Contributions need not be exclusive, in most cases, to SIAG.

Currently, we do not financially compensate contributors. However, we welcome and encourage you to link to your site or business and mention (“promote” within good taste and reason – please no “hard sell,” specific offers, etc.) your work or expertise in order to drive traffic to yourself. Of course, with our growing audience of dedicated Sauvignon Blanc enthusiasts and industry members, you have the opportunity to reach a self-identified, target market connected to the varietal.

We are, primarily, looking for “blog style” contributions – perhaps, 2-4 paragraphs in length (though that need not always be the case) appropriate to the topics mentioned above. At least one connected graphic or photo is highly desired, as well. Other forms of contributions (graphics, videos – including wine reviews, longer form articles, etc.) are also welcome under the right circumstances and our ability to identify the appropriate channels for placement. This can include our website and social media channels – currently, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn.

For more information and inquiries on getting involved, please email us here. Thanks!