Happy International #SauvBlanc day!


Photo courtesy of Rombauer Vineyards.

Cheers, all! TODAY is International #SauvBlanc Day (Friday, May 6 2016)! We hope everyone is popping bottles of our favorite varietal and celebrating the day!

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As you probably know, everyday is #SauvBlanc Day here at SauvBlanc.org ~ Summertime in a Glass! But, today is a special day where the conversation is global. You can join that conversation by checking us out, tagging, and following us on social media –

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Also, you can use and search the hashtag #SauvBlanc. Send us pics, ideas, tasting notes, pairing recipes, musings – anything connected to Sauvignon Blanc today!

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Bryan Dias, Founder & Executive Director
SauvBlanc.org ~ Summertime in a Glass

PS – Ineternational #SauvBlanc Day takes place on the first Friday of May each year! Next year’s edition will be Friday, May 5 2017!