Holiday Sauvignon Blanc Wine Pairings

As many of us know, Sauv Blanc is a great choice for holiday wine pairings! 

Here at Summertime in a Glass, we have a bunch of great pairing recipes created by our Resident Chef, Julie Hoskins, of Unexpected Chef (and she has a bunch more on the way!) Feel free to browse our pairings here

For the holiday season, we thought we’d ask you what some of your favorite pairings with Sauv Blanc are. Head over to this post on our Facebook page and feel free to share ideas, comments, recipes (including links, if you like), photos, or anything else that speaks to the topic of holiday Sauvignon Blanc wine pairings. Feel free to be traditional (turkey!) or non-traditional – whatever floats your boat!

Pictured here below is one of our favorites that we recently cooked-up – seared sea scallops with lemon, bacon, and (of course) Sauv Blanc! The flavors of the dish – including the lemon and the wine in the sauce – paired perfectly with a nicely chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc! Let us know what you think!


Happy Holidays to you and yours from Summertime in a Glass!

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