International #SauvBlanc Day is Friday, May 6!

Once again, Summertime in a Glass ~ is proud to co-sponsor International #SauvBlanc Day. Stay tuned for more information and get involved with the day that celebrates your favorite wine varietal!

The 8th Annual International #SauvBlanc Day is Coming May 6 

sbday_logo_2016_v2On Friday, May 6, “International #SauvBlanc Day” offers lovers of Sauvignon Blanc a chance to celebrate their favorite wine online or in-person. 

“International #SauvBlanc Day” is set for Friday, May 6. The event, which takes place annually on the first Friday of May, seeks to engage the wine industry and enthusiasts in exploring their affinity for this classic, yet often underrated, grape varietal. The event coordinates both on-site events, such as wine tastings, as well as serving as a focal point for online and social media interactions.

International #SauvBlanc Day was initiated over seven years ago by Napa’s St. Supéry Estate Vineyards and Winery, a top producer of California Sauvignon Blanc. Two years ago, Summertime in a Glass, a US-based organization dedicated to promoting Sauvignon Blanc through education, events, and advocacy, along with New Zealand Wine, the organization charged with supporting that country’s wine industry, came on-board to broaden the reach of International #SauvBlanc Day. Each year the event has grown in popularity with increased participation online. The scope has also expanded to include special tasting events put on by wineries, retailers, and others in the industry in various locations around the world.

“The idea of International #SauvBlanc Day is to connect fans of the grape everywhere,” said Bryan Dias, Executive Director of Summertime in a Glass. “That can mean enjoying a special flight at a winery or joining the social media conversation by sharing thoughts and ideas about Sauvignon Blanc.”

Numerous events to celebrate International #SauvBlanc Day will be taking place in many locations, both domestically in the US and internationally. By hosting events, wineries, wine shops and others are serving as “Sauv Blanc Ambassadors” and offering their audiences a chance to enjoy the grape in an up-close and personal fashion. 

Mike Kohne, Vintner, and co-founder of Mercy Wines in the Arroyo Seco region of Monterey County, California likes to say, “Sauv Blanc fans are, like the wines, delightful, fun and great to be paired up with. We look forward to celebrating vibrant, complex and fresh characters on Sauv Blanc Day!”

For those interested in participating online on May 6, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest posts can be tagged with “#SauvBlanc.” The hashtag can also be searched and followed on those platforms as way to see what others are saying. People are encouraged to share food pairing ideas, photos relevant to the varietal, favorite memories, and more. Purchasing and enjoying a bottle or two of Sauvignon Blanc and posting photos of the experience, thoughts, and tasting notes is another great way to get involved. Individuals and businesses interested in putting on an event at their location should visit the event website at for more information. Participation ideas, social media feeds, and more can also be found on the website.


Summertime in a Glass (SIAG) is an advocacy and information group that seeks to promote, educate and entertain wine enthusiasts and the industry itself on the world of Sauvignon Blanc. We strive to do so by being informative, yet never too serious or dogmatic. Wine is fun and social. Sauvignon Blanc is known as a great food wine but many styles also make for great “porch wines.” This all means that it is meant to be shared and enjoyed, not pontificated!

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