SIAG_400x339_trans_words_med_logoforAffMemSummertime in a Glass ~ Charter Membership Benefits & Rates 

– Join a community that shares a passion for Sauvignon Blanc!

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Join a Sauvignon Blanc education and advocacy organization as a Charter Member and help shape the direction of Summertime in a Glass!

Participate in and leverage “Summertime in a Glass” brand and marketing message.

Make direct connections with enthusiasts/consumers who are self-identified Sauvignon Blanc drinkers through our media channels and marketing campaigns.

Be a charter member and shape the direction of “Summertime in a Glass” (SIAG). 

Brand and business exposure on SIAG website, social media channels, PR campaigns, member listing directory, contributor’s network, online classifieds, events, and more. 

Submit new Sauvignon Blanc releases, awards, events and other related news to our site, releases and feeds. Grower members can also post their grapes and unfinished products for sale on the website in an online classifieds marketplace. 

Discounted rates (and initial package included with annual membership) on affiliate marketing on our website and our eNewsletter. Banner and tile ads can be targeted to homepage, consumer areas, and/or industry areas, as well as eNewsletter, to increase impact on desired target audience. 

Use co-branded Summertime in a Glass material (take our branded materials, image, collateral, and add your wines, logo, info, etc. with written usage agreement.) 

Participate in themed topic-forums for industry to share ideas, discuss best practices, seek advice and interact with others in the global Sauvignon Blanc community. 

Ability to submit content to our “contributor’s network” on various enthusiast and industry related themes, increasing exposure for members. Primary theme/page areas include:

  • Enthusiast audience:
    • Sauvignon Blanc Wine Reviews
    • Sauvignon Blanc Pairing, Tasting, and Presentation
    • News, Information and More on Sauvignon Blanc
  • Industry Audience:
    • Sauvignon Blanc Winegrowing and Vineyard Management
    • Sauvignon Blanc Winemaking
    • Marketing, Sales and Education Concepts

Exposure to consumer audience connecting you with enthusiast-friendly content such as Sauvignon Blanc wine reviews, food pairing ideas, varietal info and history, news, trends, musings and more. 

Post your unique, engaging content related to Sauvignon Blanc through our outreach, PR, social media, website and marketing channels (e.g. post an interesting video about your brand, a wine, or your winery to our YouTube channel.) We encourage original content and allow members to utilize our media channels with appropriate subject matter. 

Exposure of your wines/brands at select events, media releases, and other “showcase” type concepts. 

Connect with Sauvignon Blanc Enthusiasts who are part of our consumer membership program. Individual members will receive discounts on SIAG events and other SIAG-based concepts where you can directly engage with them. Also, as a member winery or affiliate business, you can offer various “considerations,” at your discretion, to Enthusiast members in order to drive business. Take advantage of this from of direct marketing to self-identified fans of Sauvignon Blanc. 

Benefit from our aggressive media campaign – traditional, electronic, social – driving awareness of SIAG and our members leading to connections for your brand and products with key audiences. 

Participate in tasting and other events for free or at member discounted rates. Charter members will often receive free or further discounted participation fees as well as frequent “first chance to participate” opportunities. 

Future opportunities to vote in board selection and other organizational decision-making aspects. 

Discounts (or free, in many cases) participation fees at events such as workshops, consumer showcases, media campaigns, etc.

Summertime in a Glass Charter Membership Rates –

You can now join online by using our “SquareUp” store – just select the proper membership for you. If you are unsure, please contact us first. We are happy to discuss what is best for you! You will be sent a membership form via email for further information and level verification – thanks!

“Corporate” – For Trade Groups & Very Large Wineries ~ $800.00. Ideal for national or regional trade groups, large marketing firms/campaigns, wineries over 500k cases/year

“Major Winery” – Large Wineries ~ $450.00. With total production more than 75,000 cases/year.

“Medium Winery” – Midsize Wineries ~ $250.00. With total production more than 7,500 cases/year.

“Small Winery” – Small Wineries ~ $150.00. With total production less than 7,500 cases/year.

“Large Grower” – For Large Vineyard Operations ~ $300.00. With total acreage of winegrapes of more than 75.

“Small Grower” – For Smaller Vineyard Operations ~ $100.00. With total acreage of winegrapes of less than 75.

“Trade Member” – For Vendors, Consultants, etc. ~ $150.00. Some, with very large operations/programs and certain types of businesses may qualify as “Corporate.”

“Affiliate Member” – For Wineries and Growers Only ~ Free. This level of membership provides you with a free website listing, as well as access to news, information and opportunities from SIAG only. It does not include all the great benefits and advantages outlined for Full Members above. Learn more here

Please contact us at for more information and to join SIAG. Also, we realize that some cases are different. Please drop us a line to discuss your individual business. Additional enhanced memberships, sponsorship and other “custom” opportunities exist, as well. We are happy to work with you to come up with a membership situation that works for you, your business and your brand!