Review – 2011 Ancient Lake Sauvignon Blanc Lake County by Kim Kolb


Lake County, California is one of our favorite places for Sauvignon Blanc. The region boasts several areas that possess excellent terroir for growing the grape. The grape has been grown consistently there since the 1960’s. Lake County wines, with Sauv Blancs as no exception, are often a great value – good quality at a good price.

Here is Kim’s video review of the 2011 Ancient Lake Sauvignon Blanc Lake County (and note the Summertime in a Glass plug – thanks, Kim, we appreciate it!):

Here is Kim’s review and notes on the wine:

Background – Ancient Lake comes from one of the top names in this part of California, the Mauritson family. It’s also the home of Clear Lake, believed to be the oldest lake in North America. This picturesque natural feature moderates the temperature of the surrounding vineyards, allowing grapes to reach ideal ripeness while retaining lovely fruit purity. The result: beautifully crisp, vibrant whites like this.

ancient lake_11SB_lblWinemaker’s Tasting Notes – As you’ll taste, they’ve been able to tease out vibrant citrus flavors and a subtle minerality, making this an elegant white to sip on its own or a fine partner for many different foods. Try it with simple grilled halibut with a squeeze of lemon or a fresh spinach salad with goat cheese and walnuts. Look forward to crisp citrus aromas, plus grassy freshness lively mineral notes, and piercing lemon and lime flavors.

Kim’s Tasting Notes - This Sauvignon Blanc was one of those that had me do like a triple taste to grab the essence of what it was trying to do. I think it was playing some tricks with my tongue. Overall, I thought this was a really good Sauvignon Blanc!

Tropical fruit on the nose, slightly citrus and crisp smelling. Goes in the mouth softly and then grabs the mid palate.

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Price: $15US Each

Kim says:


kimkolb_bio_pic2By: Kim Kolb. Kim is a wine blogger, wine industry consultant and online marketer. To see Kim’s video reviews, check out her site: and “Share a Swirl with the Girls.”

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