SIAG – #SauvBlanc in the World of Social Media

siag_socmed1_transHi All – As we get off the ground here at Summertime in a Glass (SIAG) with our full launch in the next few days, one thing that has been full-throttle for a while has been our Social Media presence. We work to bring you interesting, fun, and informative stuff across our various channels from the visual, such as Instagram, to the more industry-driven, like LinkedIn. We strive to bring you the best of what’s out there around the electronic world of Sauvignon Blanc as well as lots of our own, original content.

So, pour yourself a glass of SB, check out our various channels, and share in the conversation! Let us know what you would like to see or read about and, also, let us know your thoughts, ideas, and discoveries, too… Visit our “Connect with SIAG” page here to find all those follow/like/get-on-the-bus type links!

Now, if someone would just invent Wine-Taste-o-Vision for the Web-o-Sphere…



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